Our investment approach consists of fundamental analysis, as opposed to technical or quantitative strategies. We study company financial statements and reports, industry trends and conditions, and general business conditions. Principal sources of information are (1) the company's annual report, prospectus, Form 10-K and press releases, (2) various trade publications, (3) general business periodicals, newspapers and the internet, (4) brokers' research reports, and (5) meetings or phone conversations with company officers.

Common stocks provide the potential for growth and contribute a steadily rising income stream as dividends increase. Typically, we maintain the stock portion of a client's portfolio with a target of 60% of the total value of the account. Other targets are occasionally utilized to meet specific client needs. Our approach to stock selection is conservative and income-orientated, concentrating on financially strong companies with medium to large capitalizations. We generally select stocks paying dividends, where our fundamental analysis suggests good prospects for additional profit and dividend growth. A typical portfolio contains 25 to 30 stocks.

The bonds in a portfolio normally reduce volatility while providing current income and liquidity. We select high quality bonds - U.S. Government issues, municipal bonds, and corporate bonds; with maturities ranging up to 6 years. Usually, about 30 to 35 percent of a portfolio is invested in bonds. Assets not invested in stocks or bonds are invested in cash equivalents including Certificates of Deposit, money market funds and Treasury bills, in order to maximize short-term returns.

The types of securities in which we invest for our clients are limited to common stocks listed on the New York Stock Exchange or the NASDAQ, corporate debt securities, municipal securities and U.S. Government obligations. Securities usually are purchased for the long term and our portfolio turnover tends to be relatively low. We do not use short sales, margin transactions, options or futures.